Beginners Classes:

Beginners Pilates courses are designed for individuals who have never previously attended Pilates classes or who have had a significant break from Pilates.

Everyone should attend a Beginner’s Course initially.

Here you will :

  • Learn the 5 key elements of Pilates and how to incorporate these not only into all the different exercises positions in class but also into your everyday activities.
  • Be taught the basic Pilates moves and exercises.
  • Understand how to use your deep abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles and to activate them to help stabilise your spine.
  • Enhance your mobility and flexibility.
  • Improve your body alignment and posture.
  • Heighten your body awareness.
  • Improve your core strength and stability.
  • Learn how you can help to relieve back ache, shoulder and neck pain.
  • Improve your balance & co-ordination

An initial 1-1 session explaining & practising the Pilates  5 Key Elements as well as several basic Modified Pilates exercises, is a pre-requisite for any individual wishing to commit a block of sessions who is completely new to Pilates or who has not practiced Pilates for a long time.. This individual session will also give opportunity to discuss anything highlighted in your  Health Questionnaire as well as any questions you might have.

Attending a block of classes having had an intial 1:1 session  also facilitates the progression of current class participants.

Please see “1:1s” for costs of 1:1 sessions.

If there are sufficient new participants seeking to enrol on a class block then it may be possible to run a small Introductory session as a “mini class”. A minimum of 2 new participants will be needed for this.  The cost per person for attending an introductory small group session will be £20 for 2-3 participants and £10 for 4 or more newcomers.


Class Timetable


(UPDATED 3/1/2015)

Limited places available and blocks must be booked in advance to secure places

Classes  run in 8- week blocks.  Payment for each block is necessary at the start to secure your place.

Classes are small with a maximum of 12 participants

You are not required to bring any equipment unless you would prefer to bring your own mat, and a small towel to cover the head cushion.

Wear comfortable clothing which does not restrict movement, including socks. You may find a long sleeved top more comfortable for  autumn/winter classes

Class Blocks must be booked in advance with the instructor

and a Health Questionnaire completed

Cost – £56 per block of 8 classes

Unfortunately missed classes cannot not be refunded but it may be possible to arrange catch up sessions at another time

Payment for Pilates sessions – classes or 1:1s – can be made by cheque or online via Paypal  – further details will be given by your Instructor.